About Uppsala Reports

Uppsala Reports is the news site of Uppsala Monitoring Centre, featuring content for anyone concerned with the latest issues in medicines safety, country updates, tools and technology, and exciting new research.

Since 1996, UMC has been collecting stories relevant to the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring and the broader world of pharmacovigilance and publishing them as a magazine and as digital downloads. UMC sends the Uppsala Reports magazine to member countries in the WHO programme and other selected recipients. We also bring copies to the meetings and training events we attend around the globe.

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Content selection and disclaimer

Uppsala Reports contains articles created internally by UMC staff, including pharmacovigilance experts, medical clinicians, data scientists, communication specialists and technologists.

The site also publishes content sourced from external stakeholders, primarily representatives of national and regional regulatory authorities, recognised academics and researchers, and other pharmacovigilance or health communication experts.

External submissions are reviewed by staff to ensure factual and editorial integrity. However, any opinions expressed in articles published in Uppsala Reports are those of the authors named and, unless otherwise noted, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Uppsala Monitoring Centre.

We welcome any corrections or suggestions for improvements.

Vaccine Safety Net

Uppsala Reports is a member of the Vaccine Safety Net, a global network of websites, established by the World Health Organization, that provides reliable information on vaccine safety.

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