ISoP European Chapter offers new opportunities for connection among members

Communications / 28 June 2023

As well as promoting PV research and training in Europe, the chapter aims to foster communication and collaboration between European institutions working in drug safety.

The European chapter of ISoP was launched at the mid-year meeting of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP), held in Leiden (NL) on 1-2 June 2023. This chapter was born from the initiative of several ISoP members who work at European pharmacovigilance research institutions.

The purpose of this chapter is to implement ISoP activities related to scientific research and training in Europe, especially in European countries that have a strong tradition of pharmacovigilance activities but are poorly represented in ISoP. The European chapter will also support the dialogue between ISoP and international institutions based in Europe that work in drug safety research and management (e.g., EMA, WHO, UMC, and CIOMS), as well as European research networks such as ENCePP.

At the first assembly of the chapter, proposals for the development of future activities were discussed, such as the organisation of official ISoP events (annual meetings, mid-year meetings), specific European events dedicated to pharmacovigilance research and training webinars. The ISoP European chapter should function as the platform for the exchange of ideas and information that can lead to collaborations between various member centres. In terms of training, the establishment of a student exchange program between these institutions was proposed, based on the model of the ERASMUS project. Depending on specific needs, we also envisage the creation of expert groups, extended to all ISoP members, who can produce documents and scientific articles on major themes in pharmacovigilance.

The chapter is currently coordinated by Marco Tuccori (Italy) (, Gianluca Trifirò (Italy) (, Linda Harmark (Netherlands) (, and Felipe Villalobos Martinez (Spain) (

Read More:

ISoP European chapter webpage

Pharmacovigilance, where science meets practice, Uppsala Reports

Marco Tuccori
Pharmacovigilance Manager, Unit of Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring University Hospital of Pisa, Italy

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