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In focus / 23 October 2018

We publish and distribute a variety of well researched, informational posters for conferences and communications.

Here is a selection of some of our best posters. You are free to download, print and share them, but please credit the relevant authors and the UMC if you publish or display any of them and we would also appreciate it if you inform us.

Evaluation of a predictive model for suspected drug-drug interactions in routine signal detection by Sara Hult, Tomas Bergvall, Thomas Bradley, Lucie Gattepaille, Birgitta Grundmark, Daniele Sartori, Sara Hedfors Vidlin, G Niklas Norén, Johan Ellenius.

Interaction between rosuvastatin and ticagrelor resulting in rhabdomyolysis by Viola Macolic Sarinic, Lovisa Sandberg, Jenny Hartman, Pia Caduff-Janosa.

Unexpectedly high fatality rate in globally collected spontaneous reports of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy with alemtuzumab by Maarten van Eijk, Ola Caster.

Natalizumab and rapidly evolving central nervous system lymphoma in VigiBase by Daniele Sartori, Camilla Westerberg, Birgitta Grundmark.

Do they all agree? – Comparing expert signal assessment by Birgitta Grundmark. Daniele Sartori, Johan Ellenius.

Exploring patient reported information in signal detection within a global database by Sarah Watson, Rebecca Chandler, Henric Taavola, Linda Härmark, Birgitta Grundmark, Alem Zekarias, Kristina Star, Florence van Hunsel.

This poster won the first prize at the 2017 ISoP annual meeting. The production of this poster illustrates a successful collaboration internally between Research and Global Communications, and externally with the Dutch national centre, Lareb.

2+2=5:The future of evidence in a post-truth age of alternative facts by Bruce Hugman

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Alexandra Hoegberg @alexhoegberg
Team Manager, Global Communications, UMC

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