Stamping out drug adversity

The identification of medicinal products (IDMP) standards will help make sure patients get the right medicines and make it easier to detect problems when things go wrong.

Perspective / 29 August 2022

Diagnosing and prescribing through the pharmacovigilance lens

Pharmacovigilance produces valuable safety data, but is it used to its full value, and how can primary healthcare workers make more use of PV findings in diagnosis and prescribing?

Perspective / 20 April 2022

Opinion: Hard lessons prime PV experts and regulators for present challenges

In this opinion article, Maria Mantziri and Natália Hromníková argue how contrasting examples from pharmacovigilance’s past could point to a more proactive and vital future.

Perspective / 29 June 2021

Serious errors with two-component vaccines risk harm and damage trust

Medication errors can harm individual patients. But when errors also undermine trust in public health programmes, serious problems can ripple across entire communities.

Perspective / 25 August 2020

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