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Uppsala Reports 82

CauseHealth, understanding causality
Natural language processing in PV
10 critical steps for patient safety reform
Med Safety App & e-reporting
New ISoP leadership

Uppsala Reports 81 – Latin American supplement

América Latina en la mira
Suplemento especial para Uppsala Reports, número 81

Uppsala Reports 84

Meet new EMA head, Emer Cooke
The list keeping kids safe
Drawing causal insight from failure
Vaccine boost for VigiFlow

Uppsala Reports 88
  • Increasing impact by going digital
  • Modernising PV education
  • Building thriving PV systems in LMICs
  • First meeting of African PIDM members
  • Empowering patients as partners

Uppsala Reports 74

Latin American initiatives
SCOPE project
Device safety
Annual meeting
New comic book
Jordan’s health sector
Vigi updates

Uppsala Reports 83

Passing the UMC leadership baton
Recipe for signal detection success
Preventing two-component vaccine errors

Uppsala Reports 85

VigiBase dataset surges upwards
Towards safer deprescribing practices
Perspectives on SF meds & vaccines
Indian patient safety initiatives
Paraguay powers up reporting

Uppsala Reports 72

Ebola vaccine
VigiBase: 2015 in hindsight
National centres in India
Vaccine safety
United Arab Emirates
Quantitative benefit–risk assessment of methylprednisolone in multiple sclerosis relapses
50 years in New Zealand

Uppsala Reports 75

Social media in the service of pharmacovigilance
History of UMC
Community awareness and patient reporting
Identifying medicinal products
Pharmacovigilance in Palestine

Uppsala Reports 80

Polypharmacy and pharmacovigilance
The war on fake medicines
Safety of medical devices
Golden jubilee of WHO PIDM
PV meets IoT

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