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Research / 16 March 2023

The Research corner film series puts UMC pharmacovigilance scientists in the spotlight as they discuss their research and its implications for pharmacovigilance science.

We’re pleased to announce the first in a new series of short films, presenting UMC’s research to our global audience, in a new format. Research Corner – UMC’s Science in the Spotlight puts our research and researchers in focus, with each episode in the series featuring a recently completed study: what was investigated and why, what were the findings, and what does it mean for pharmacovigilance.

For this first episode we teamed up with Daniele Sartori, pharmacovigilance scientist at UMC and lead author of a paper on the evidence base and features of ADR reports that are used to support signals. Daniele sat down with us for a short interview to describe his research and assist us in producing some visualisations of his work. The finished film can be seen below.

Daniele had this to say about the new initiative: "From paper to film. The Research Corner captured my study from a different angle, personal, but to the point. As a researcher I'm not used to being in the limelight but overall, it was a great experience that will help to expand the outreach of my research to a wider audience.”

The aim of this series is to promote our research in engaging bite-size chunks, giving the viewer an overview of the work and the people behind it, as a complement to more in-depth content on our channels and the academic papers themselves. We’re excited to see who’s next in the Research Corner series, so look out for future editions on UMC’s channels.

Read more:

D Sartori, “Signals of Adverse Drug Reactions Communicated by Pharmacovigilance Stakeholders: A Scoping Review of the Global Literature”, Drug Safety, 2023.

Research poster on the review.

Matthew Barwick
Communications officer & video producer, UMC

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