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Start small, but think big: Trials and triumphs of #MedSafetyWeek campaigners
As we prepare for the eighth rendition of the #MedSafetyWeek campaign, we talk to some seasoned campaigners on how to run a successful campaign.

MedSafetyWeek 2019
From 25-29 November, 2019, UMC and medicine regulatory authorities around the world will join forces for #MedSafetyWeek to raise awareness of side effects of medicines.

Building a patient safety culture in India
India is one of the biggest pharmaceutical markets in the world. Read about the key stakeholders and initiatives driving medicine safety in this dynamic and complex country.

Positive reaction to Sudanese reporting campaign
Up until a year ago Sudan had sent in only a handful of reports to VigiBase. Now it is working to clear a backlog of reports after a pharmacovigilance campaign went viral.

Pakistan makes most of #MedSafetyWeek with launch of safety app
Pakistan’s ambitious pharmacovigilance authorities made the most of the recent #MedSafetyWeek, leveraging that campaign to successfully launch the Med Safety App in the country.

World Patient Safety Day
WHO launches new campaign, urging everyone to speak up for patient as a global health priority.

Egypt uses active community engagement to raise awareness of herbals in healthcare
To raise awareness of phytovigilance in healthcare, ISoP Egypt created an outreach proposal centred on sharing information, experiences, and anecdotes of the safety of herbals.

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