vigiVec through the Research Corner lens

Research / 15 November 2023

The Research corner film series puts UMC pharmacovigilance scientists in the spotlight as they discuss their research and its implications for pharmacovigilance science.

Communicating pharmacovigilance research is not an easy task, especially when it takes you on a deep dive into the multi-dimensional vector space. Luckily, the second short film in our Research Corner series is here to guide you through data-driven vector representations of adverse events and drugs – in under four minutes.

Joana Félix, medical informatician at UMC and co-author of the research poster and forthcoming report on their neural network model, vigiVec, sat down with us to explain how it can be harnessed to predict co-reported drugs and adverse events on reports in VigiBase. The completed film can be viewed below:



Joana said this about her experience: “As a researcher, I don't often step into the spotlight. Research Corner provides a different and interesting platform to communicate science. It turned the challenging task of breaking down intricate concepts, such as vector representations in a multi-dimensional space, for a pharmacovigilance audience into a fun experience.”

Transforming complex methods into easily digestible and compelling shorts is just one of the series' aims. It also complements existing materials on our channels and the academic reports themselves and captures the people behind the innovative research taking place at UMC. We look forward to seeing who takes a seat in front of the camera in the next episode of Research Corner – stay tuned!


A spotlight on the Research Corner

Research Corner – UMC’s Science in the Spotlight focuses on our research and researchers, with each episode in the series featuring a recently completed study: what was investigated and why, what were the findings, and what it means for pharmacovigilance. Watch the complete series on our YouTube channel.

Shannen Young
Communications Officer, UMC

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