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New podcast long read – Patient's advocate
The latest episode of the Drug Safety Matters podcast has dropped. Tune in to hear Marie Lindquist reflect on a career dedicated to patient safety.

World Patient Safety Day
WHO launches new campaign, urging everyone to speak up for patient as a global health priority.

Fifteen years of patient reporting
The Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb recognises there is a big leap between enabling patients to report and achieving more integrated patient involvement.

Introducing Drug Safety Matters
Coming soon – Uppsala Monitoring Centre’s new podcast taking on the most pressing issues in medicines safety today.

Polypharmacy and pharmacovigilance
Patients with multiple medical conditions – and, consequently, needing multiple medications – present one of the greatest challenges currently facing health services.

Safety concerns with mesh implants – The patient's voice
Following serious complications experienced by women with surgical mesh implants, patients and authorities alike believe tighter regulation on medical devices is needed.

Safety concerns with mesh implants – The regulator's voice
A regulator responds to the public outcry against patient harms suffered by women with surgical mesh implants.

International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) – Targeting medication errors
The International Medication Safety Network has medication errors in its sights, developing and distributing safety practices that promote medication safety.

10 critical steps to improve patient safety worldwide
New 10-point plan urged to improve detection, analysis, and reporting of harms from medicines and devices to improve patient safety.

Serious errors with two-component vaccines risk harm and damage trust
Medication errors can harm individual patients. But when errors also undermine trust in public health programmes, serious problems can ripple across entire communities.

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