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Academic honour reflects decades-long commitment to patient safety
For former UMC director, Prof. Ivor Ralph Edwards, the road to pharmacovigilance started in Africa. Now, an African university has now paid tribute to his work.

Africa integral to evolution of pharmacogenomics research
As the cradle of modern humanity, Africa is home to high levels of genetic diversity among its people, with significant implications for the safety and efficacy of many drugs.

Strengthening pharmacovigilance systems in resource-limited countries
With the PAVIA project ending, participants identified what makes for a thriving pharmacovigilance system in countries burdened by poverty related diseases.

Home-grown signal detection sheds light on safety issues in Eritrea
Since 2015, Eritrea’s National PV Centre has carried out analysis of domestic adverse drug reaction reports, to better understand medicines-related issues in the country.

Pharmacovigilance in Africa gets a boost with first meeting of African PIDM members
Over two days, members of the WHO PIDM in Africa discussed all things pharmacovigilance in an effort to strengthen and develop their pharmacovigilance systems together.

Positive reaction to Sudanese reporting campaign
Up until a year ago Sudan had sent in only a handful of reports to VigiBase. Now it is working to clear a backlog of reports after a pharmacovigilance campaign went viral.

Evolution of pharmacovigilance in the Kingdom of Eswatini
Eswatini may be a small country, but its National Pharmacovigilance Centre has big ambitions that, with support from the PAVIA project, are quickly translating into achievements.

Getting African-led PV on the map
The CARTA Early Career Pharmacovigilance Research Grant is putting African-led patient-centred pharmacovigilance on the map.

Medication error reporting for patients in Africa – the time to act is now
With low reporting of medication errors in Africa, understanding the scale of the problem and the reasons behind it should help in efforts to improve the situation.

Safety of HIV medications
Henry Zakumumpa from Makerere University School of Public Health airs his research on HIV care and treatment strategies in Uganda and the need for more robust pharmacovigilance.

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